In order to grow your SAAS you will need a blog to write about relevant content. This will help your business grow and get free organic traffic.

In this section you will learn about the blogging platform that comes along with Wave.

Your Blog

After installing Wave, you will also have a blog located at the /blog route. You can modify or edit this theme file located at resources/views/themes/{theme_folder}/blog/index.blade.php

blog 1

You can also view a single post by clicking the thumbnail or title of the post. You can modify or edit the theme post view at resources/views/themes/{theme_folder}/blog/post.blade.php

blog 2

Posts Admin

You can edit, add, or delete posts in your admin by visiting /admin/posts. To create a new post you can click the Add New button:

blog 3

Then, you'll need to fill out your new post information and click save. Only Posts with a status of PUBLISHED will show up on the front-end.

blog 4

Post Categories

You can also choose to Add, Edit or Delete post categories by visiting the Admin Post Categories at /admin/categories.

blog 5

After adding a new category, you will be able to create a new post and categorize it in that specific category.